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There are a couple of different dimensions to the leadership epitaph. There is the broader sense of what your tenure as a leader will ultimately mean to the company. Will you be remembered as the executive who created new jobs, expanded profits, and helped the company soar to new heights? Or will you be remembered as the person who was in charge during a period of major layoffs and losses?

Frankly, I think most employees will remember you less for the big picture stuff and more for the day-to-day. Do you lead by inspiring your employees—or yelling at them? Are you open to their feedback? Do you make them feel valued? Do you allow them to have their voices heard?

Do you empower your employees to be productive and happy in their work life?

These are the things your employees will remember. These are the things that will one day comprise your leadership epitaph. These are the things that I began to work on immediately in order to build my team and reach all of our goals. I encourage you to do the same. When I began my study of successful leaders, the one common denominator that I noticed was that all real leaders go beyond their job description!

All Real Leaders Exceed Their Job Descriptions!

This brings me to an individual I admire because he brings out the best in everyone around him while remaining focused on his vision. He is truly a solutions-oriented leader who has not only exceeded his job description, he has also written a job description through his deeds and career for all to admire! Because of this, his leadership epitaph has already been written and it continues to grow daily.

Dr. Nido Qubein is an American Lebanese-Jordanian businessman, motivational speaker, and has been the president of High Point University in North Carolina since 2005. Dr. Qubein's background is impressive; however, his hard work and dedication to leading and developing solutions is what sets him apart from many in his field.

What makes him special is he never has forgotten his roots and always gives back more than is received. After graduating from High Point University in 1970, he went on to the University of North Carolina in Greensboro to earn his Master of Science in Business Education degree and returned in 2009 as he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters and Humanity.

More importantly a leader leaves an epitaph by taking action and developing solutions to problems that can stand the test of time! In 2005, High Point University was only 92 acres and landlocked to the total undergraduate enrollment of 1,450 students. The university's operating budget was only $38 million with approximately 100 faculty members. In 2017, High Point University undergraduate enrollment reached 5,000 students, a 245 percent growth; had a 203 percent increase in full-time faculty. The buildings on campus went from 22 to 112 with an over 409 percent growth; the operating and capital budget increased to $290 million, a 663 percent increase.

With the creation of new schools, majors, and courses, Dr. Qubein created a remarkable variety of learning opportunities for the students to embark on a new world and also become solutions-oriented leaders. High Point University's rankings soared from number 17 in 2005 to number one. The university was named the #1 regional college in the South for 2019, for the seventh consecutive year in "America's Best Colleges" by U.S. News & World Report. High Point was also recognized in "America's Best Colleges" as the number one most innovative, regional college in the South for making the most innovative improvements in terms of curriculum, faculty, students, campus life, technology, or facilities.

When we talk about what it takes to be a solutions-oriented leader who wants to make a difference in the world and leave a leadership epitaph to be proud of, Dr. Nido Qubein is an excellent example tomodel!


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